A 3 Day LIVE Event To Help Impact-Driven Coaches and Experts 
Master "Congruent Closing" and Create a Predictable & Leveraged Business Model That Fuels Your Mission & Lifestyle
Walk away from these 3 days knowing how to create a high-impact, high-leveraged, high-income coaching business that amplifies your gifts and creates massive results for your clients
“I went from $400/mo to generating $39,381 in less than 40 days..”
Sonia Rodriguez, Coach to Beauty Professionals
Congruent Coach LIVE
April 2nd - 4th, 2020 • Location TBD
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“I thought this would have taken me YEARS. I went from inconsistent revenue of $45,000/yr to over $265,000 in less than 8 months and generated over $400,000 in my first year
Chiara Mazzucco
Personal Power Activator for Female Entrepreneurs
“I have generated over $264,500 in the first two months of the year... Alex is the best in the industry at teaching coaches how to own your value and sell with heart and integrity”

David Mehler
Men's Empowerment Mentor
Congruent Coach Live
April 2nd - 4th, 2020 • Location TBD
Let’s Be Real For A Second...
  • Could your income be described as a rollercoaster…where some months you’re CRUSHING it and then sometimes there are income droughts for weeks, possibly months, and you’re worried about where your next check is coming from?
  • Are you sick and tired of seeing others with less talent, less skill and less experience than you - charging more, having more success - when you know your stuff is better?

  • When you speak to prospects, do you feel frustrated because they don’t see your value and you consistently hear “I don’t have the money”, or “I have to think about it”, and you KNOW that you can help them…yet you feel helpless because they don’t see how you can help?
  • Have you been told that you need to become more qualified and collect more certifications in order to command higher fees and attract more clients, yet when you DO increase your qualifications - your business STILL stays STUCK?
  • Do you feel TRAPPED by your business, like there’s not enough hours in the day, and you have to work overtime just keep things viable?

Instead, Imagine Your Life Where You...
  • No longer feel your stomach drop as you quote your price and instead feel beyond confident making your offers, even if you’re charging 5x 10x 20x more (even if that sounds ridiculous right now)
  • Create highly leveraged group programs and / or events so you can finally break free of “trading time for dollars” and grow your business while working less than ever before (while delivering massive results for your clients)
  • Feel incredible about serving your clients in a massive way – all from a place of integrity, congruence and generosity

  • Become MAGNETIC to the top 5% of your audience, attract an abundance of high-paying prospects who see your gifts and truly value your service, and are FUN to work with

  • Buy the things you’ve been wanting (the house, the car, the vacation) WITHOUT GUILT, because you know more money is always on the way and you feel fully WORTHY to splurge and nurture yourself
“I landed my first $50,000 client in less than 45 days. I knew I upleveled my service delivery and am so inspired to work with my clients now.”

Theora Moench
Intimacy Coach
“I generated $38,750 in my first 39 days and then more revenue than last year's entire income in 3 months of working with Alex."

Krystal Brandt
Courage of Ease Coach
So, what is the one skill that will help you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to go so you can build the business and life of your dreams? 
Enrollment is simply guiding your prospect to their bigger vision while showing up as your confident and authentic self. Then helping them make an empowered decision to take action by working with you so they can create the new possibility for their life, faster.
So if up until now you haven’t created the business of your dreams, it’s probably because you’ve been doing everything but having enrollment conversations with your prospects. You’ve been told to:
-  Spend hours creating your website 
-  Post content to social media 6 times per day
-  Create the magical webinar dream machine
-  Consistently write blog posts
-  Set up your podcast
-  Figure out Facebook Ads and Bots
-  Go “LIVE”...again...and again...and again...
-  Networking
-  Asking for referrals
...And yet none of it is getting you the results you want.
When really the fastest way to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams is by becoming a master at enrollment. 
Are you ready? 
Join us for Congruent Coach LIVE
Discover how to dramatically increase your results & sales without having to work more.
  • April 2nd - 4th, 2020
  • Location TBD
  • Thursday: 10 am - 9:30 pm
    Friday: 10 am -  6:30 pm
    Saturday: 10 am - 6:30 pm
the event is just around the corner...
See How Coaches Just Like You Are Selling High-End Coaching With Integrity, And Generating Between $50,000 to $150,000 Within 3 Months of Applying These Proven Enrollment Methods  
"I made over $300k in sales in my first 7 months, bought my dream car and live in my dream house by the ocean..."
Katerina Satori - Spirituality and Leadership Coach
"I tripled my income and now have the freedom to travel..."
Amateo Ra - Business Coach & Event Producer
"I landed my first 
$50,000 client within 2 months..."
Theora Moench - Intimacy Expert
“I tripled my prices and had back to back $4,000 weeks!!”
Jennifer Buehler - Clinical Therapist / Dream Coach
“I landed my first $17,000 client on my second call!”
Kamila Gornia - Marketing Strategist
How To Grow Your Monthly Sales By 400% Without Having To Increase The Amount of Leads That  You 
HaveComing In  
Every Month 

It’s actually
quite simple.
All you have to do is
1 of 2 things:
  • Increase your price
  • Increase your closing percentage
I totally agree. BUT that’s because most coaches/experts believe they have a leads or a time problem. They think that if they just get more leads or had more time, and talk to more people, they’ll make more money.

This is true. But only partially.

But what if I told you there’s an easier way (to hit your business goals)?

What if I told you that there’s an easier way to grow your business than having to create a super fancy and complex marketing funnel that’ll take you 3 months to build out and launch, all in the hopes of one day getting more leads?

What if I told you you’re leaving 100 - 500% of the money on the table?

1-2 more problems about overwhelming work / clients they don’t like

What if I told you that there’s actually a way that you can hit your business goals with an even BETTER business model, within 30-60 days, just by changing 2 simple things -
Your price and your closing percentage.

Look at it this way: if right now 2 out of 10 people said YES in your sales calls lastmonth, and then 4 out of 10 people say YES this month – your income just doubled.

And it doesn’t take any extra effort or marketing. You’re still having calls withthe same number of potential clients, but you get double the number of clients climbing on board
 to work with you.

Let’s do some math and put this concept into action (I’m only half asian so excuse my math).
For simplicity sake, in all the examples below we’ll say that each sales call takes 1 hour.
Example 1
Imagine you sell a $1,000 program, have 10 sales calls,
 and close 1 person (10% close ratio).
10 Sales calls ⇒ 1 close at $1,000 ⇒ $1,000
10 hours to make $1,000.
Your time = $100/ hour
Example 2
You increase your prices to a $5,000 program and
keep everything else the same, here’s the math:
10 Sales Calls ⇒ 1 Close at $5,000 ⇒ $5,000
10 hours to make $5,000.
Your time = $500/ hour
Example 3
Now let’s INCREASE your closing ratio and keep your pricing at $1,000. If you sell a $1,000 program, have 10 sales calls, close 3 people.
10 Sales Calls ⇒ 3 Close at $1,000 ⇒ $3,000
10 hours to make $3,000
Your time = $300/ hour
Example 4
So some wild ass shit happens if you increase BOTH your price
 AND your closing ratio.
10 Sales Calls ⇒ 3 Close a $5,000 ⇒ $15,000
10 hours to make $15,000.
Your time = $1500/ hour
There’s something VERY IMPORTANT I want to point out…
In each of these scenarios you’re spending and you’re investing the same amount of effort to book these calls. You’re spending THE SAME AMOUNT of time on these calls with each prospect.
Yet in each scenario the results are vastly different. 15 TIMES different to be exact.
If you had a model like scenario 1 - selling a $1,000 program closing at 10%.
To make $15,000 you would have to take 150 sales calls, spending 150 hours on the phone.
If you had a model like scenario 4 - selling a $5,000 program closing at 30% 
To make $15,000 you would have to take 10 sales calls, spending 10 hours on the phone.

What would you do with the extra 140 hours you would save from example 1 to example 4?
So if you’re already feeling like you are looking for “creative” ways to add more hours to your day, then this is your key to getting more income and more clients, without needing to work more.
At the Congruent Coach LIVE you’re going to learn how to do both (increase your prices/convert more clients) while still showing up authentic and creating more results for your clients without having to work more.  
"What I got was incredibly valuable tools, tactics, and techniques to drastically increase my own income potential."
Jon Bowes
Marketing Coach
"Alex’s tribe is the next generation of thought leaders."
Krystal Brandt
Women's Empowerment Expert
"Alex has helped us produced the millions of dollars we're so fortunate to make."
Ted McGrath
Founder Message 2 Millions
“I am living my life’s mission and absolutely LOVE my clients. Alex’s frameworks are POWERFUL - I generated $21,500 in my first 9 days.”
Sebastian Mychel Cruze
Men’s Coach
“We went from selling a $347 course to generating $19,000 in 11 days. It gave me the confidence to propose to the woman I love and get her the ring she deserves."
Amanda Ranae and Matthew Cooke
Relationship Coaches
By now you may be thinking, “WELL, WHAT’S THE INVESTMENT?!”
I sold this event in 2017 for $10,000 per seat and had 11 people attend. The bare minimum to work with me at any capacity, at an event or in a group program, was $10,000. 
That did two things:
1.) I worked with amazing, dream clients who got incredible results (as you see on this page)

2.) I got a big, fat ego.
I’m committed to getting my message and my gifts out to the world in a MUCH bigger way so I can help more people. As I was looking through all the client stories I have, I realized it’s selfish of me to keep this info to only those who are ready to invest $10k+. I know I can help more people at a lower price point.

This event is the start of that. I am limiting the attendance of The Congruent Coach LIVE to 100 awesome coaches and the pricing will go up as we get closer to the event.
Pre-Sale Tickets
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before 3/1/2019
after 3/1/2019
If all the event did was:
  • Help you own your value in every cell of your body

  • Make offers to your prospects with unshakeable confidence

  • 2X - 5X the prices of your coaching, masterminds, events and / or group programs

  • 2X - 4X your closing ratio

  • Help you escape the time for dollars trap and move to high-impact groups

Would it be worth it?

What You Will Learn At Congruent Coach LIVE

Day 1:
Business Engine Upgrade 
One of the biggest challenges I see in the Coaching Industry is an unclear business engine, and that their business engine ISN’T in alignment with their revenue and / or lifestyle goals.
Let me explain what I mean by business engine.
If you have a go-kart, a go-kart engine goes about 30-35 MPH. If you have the highest-octane, premium racing gasoline and pour that into a go-kart engine, how fast is it going to go? Still about 30-35 MPH.
If you have a Lamborghini engine and pour that same premium racing gas into it, it’s going to go about 215 - 220 MPH.
If your goals are to build a multiple six / seven figure coaching business and I flip up the hood to your business and you have a go-kart engine - it doesn’t matter how HIGH QUALITY YOUR LEADS ARE ⇒ you’re still going 30-35 MPH.
The biggest pitfall coaches make is they do not set up their business to really grow. They aren’t charging enough and are working crazy hours but hoping for a different result, which is kinda like pouring premium gas in a go-kart and expecting it to go faster then it’s able to.  
We’ll Cover: 
  • What the true vision is for your coaching business in vivid detail including what kind of lifestyle you want and how much you want to work. 

  • How much revenue you want to generate each year and how to reverse engineer your goal so you know exactly what needs to happen to get there. 

  • How you want to work with your clients, whether that’s 1-on-1, masterminds, group coaching, events, retreats, programs, etc and what each model looks like. 

  • Create highly leveraged group programs and / or events so you can finally break free of “trading time for dollars” and grow your business while working less than ever before (while delivering massive results for your clients)
  • What is the EXACT PATH to upgrade you from your current business engine into one that is in alignment with your revenue and lifestyle goals

Day 2:
Your Dream Client Attraction System
On day two we’ll go deep into where to find these dream clients who are committed to doing the work and excited to spend $5k, $15k, $50k for your high-level programs.
You’ll learn Strategic Pricing and Packaging Secrets to ensure that your marketing and programs are designed to attract your dream clients so you can filter out tire kickers and looky-loos and only spend your time with qualified prospects.
We’ll Cover: 
  • Who your dream clients are and how to attract them in while charging premium prices

  • Package your coaching process into a “signature system” that stands out amongst your competitors and positions you as the go-to expert in your industry

  • How to become MAGNETIC to the top 5% of your audience, attract an abundance of high-paying prospects who see your gifts and truly value your service, and are FUN to work with

Day 3 - Congruent Closing
If you’ve been a coach for sometime you know that sales is the oxygen of your business. A business simply cannot survive without sales.
Most sales trainers will teach you about sales in the sense of closing - meaning getting the deal done, no matter if you need to use a cheesy script, manipulative tactic, or whether it’s in the best interest of the person on the other end.
If you resonate with being a Congruent Coach, this does not feel good. The last thing you want to feel is inauthentic, out of integrity, and like you’re manipulating your potential client.
But at the same time you know that you need to enroll your clients in order to serve them. In order to do that you need to own your value so you can create a coaching business that is in alignment with your lifestyle and charge a premium for the massive results you give your clients. 
You can do this by following the Congruent Closing method.  
You should know that you’re taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed by our personal 100% THIS IS AWESOME Guarantee!
Congruent Closing is enrolling your prospect into their bigger vision while showing up as your confident and authentic self. Then helping them make an empowered decision to take action by working with you so they can create the new possibility for their life, faster.
Imagine… how much more empowered would you feel if you knew your main role is to just serve the person? To paint a picture there’s a bigger possibility for their future and show up confidently knowing you can support them in getting there. On Day 3 when you learn the Congruent Closing method, you're going to be able to enroll more of your dream clients at premium price points by simply being you (the badass coach that you are).
We’ll Cover: 
  • The #1 strategy to increase your prices by 5x - 10x and beyond, while having your clients THANK you for it (without needing more qualifications)

  • How to make offers for your coaching programs with unshakable confidence and get clients to sign up on the spot, without feeling like a used car salesman

  • The simple mindset shift to no longer feel your stomach drop as you quote your price and instead feel beyond confident making your offers, even if you’re charging 5x 10x 20x more (even if that sounds ridiculous right now)

  • The system our clients use to walk into any meeting with unshakable confidence, knowing that you have a system to effortlessly turn any conversation into $5k - $75k+ clients within 90 minutes, while feeling completely authentic
"Alex calls me to be the best version of myself. I show up better for me, which allows me to show up better for my clients."
Jim House
Book Consultant 
"Alex knows how to look at any deal, any situation, any business, any product, and pull the money out of it, and really maximize the results."
Dutch Mendenhall
Coach 2 Profits
"He places systems in front of you where you get to plug in your specialty so you can share your gift and get rewarded for it."
Nikki Jade 
Healer and Coach
Meet Alex...
With over 21,000 hours of experience helping thousands of coaches build their businesses—whether it’s from scratch or from six figures to multi-seven figures—Alex Moscow has cemented his place in the industry as one of the most trustworthy, congruent, and courageous mentors out there. 
Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry having personally led over 3,152 enrollment conversations and helping influencers all over the world collectively sell 8-figures+, Alex teaches his clients how to sell with truth instead of tactics via the Congruent Closing Method, building businesses that fuel their lifestyle and mission, so they can live as the most authentic, expressed version of themselves 

The people who have worked with him became more confident raising their prices for up to 10x, produce sold out events, enjoy what they do a lot more, sell with ease, and improved their client results as well. 
Jennifer Hudye
Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.
Jennifer is the founder of Conscious Copy & Co. (www.consciouscopy.co) the go to copywriting agency for the top coaches, experts, and thought leaders in the online business & personal development space. Jennifer & her team have written the copy for 6 and 7-figure campaigns and take the approach that “the truth sells”. The top information marketers and influencers in the world, including: Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Eben Pagan Training, Bulletproof Coffee, Dan Sullivan, Bedros Keuilian, Sally Hogshead, Team Johnson and many others, hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help them build out their strategy and craft results-driven copy that connects and converts. Jennifer has also spoken on stages alongside Lewis Howes, Russell Brunson, and Keith Yackey. Many refer to Jennifer as the modern day muse for entrepreneurial leaders, helping them get clear of the message that they need to amplify out into the world.
Secret Guest Speaker #2
We're super picky about who we invite to add value at our events, so this is going to be a very special addition. Details coming soon!
Secret Guest Speaker #3
We're super picky about who we invite to add value at our events, so this is going to be a very special addition. Details coming soon!
Here’s My Promise To You…
By The End of This Live Event You’ll Walk Away…
  • How to have a simple 60 minute conversation that will allow you to turn casual conversations into high paying, dream clients on the spot, anywhere you go
  • How to command Premium Fees $5,000 - $75,000+ for your services, even if the thought of raising your fees to that level terrifies you and you think no one will pay
  • How to deliver your services at those premium price points WITHOUT working with clients one-on-one, while helping your clients get even better results (they’ll thank you for it)
  • AND I’ll show you how to do ALL of this without compromising your integrity, feeling inauthentic, or resorting to any “Old School Sales” tactics
“I went from selling $250 hypnotherapy sessions to landing my first $36,000 client on the first call with Alex’s process”
Stephanie Kwong - Hypnotherapist
“I landed my first $18,000 client EVER. I am able to now work with clients that FUEL my soul.”
Sunny Durante - Epic Life Coach
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t attend the event in April? Will there be a livestream or recording?
We will not be doing a livestream or recording of the event this year – there’s just no substitute for the transformative power of doing this work together with an impact-driven, focused group of badass coaches and experts.
Q: How will attending this event help my business?
This event is about you getting clear on the EXACT business engine that will get you to your revenue and lifestyle goals. You will also be clear on what is holding you back from making more money, and showing you the necessary action steps and inner game breakthroughs needed for you to reach the next level of success and fulfillment.
Q: What if I am already overwhelmed with information overload and in other programs?
Is The Congruent Coach going to eliminate it or make it worse?
An excellent question.

You may be already overwhelmed by the wealth of free and paid information on the web on how to get clients and grow your business.

Our program is actually designed to cut out information overload, not add to it.

What’s really exciting about The Congruent Coach – we’re going to show you concrete, proven methods for making major shifts to your business.

The net result: you’ll move forward in 2020 with a clear plan and business engine to create the lifestyle and revenue goals you desire to breakthrough to the next level of business.
Q: Will I have the chance to interact with Alex?
YES. If you hurl your credit card at him. Just kidding.

The Congruent Coach LIVE is a highly interactive event combining in-depth trainings, hands-on experiences, laser coaching, group shares and networking.

Alex is known for his ability to instantly cut through confusion to get to the core of what’s holding you back from attracting and enrolling your dream clients, and he's committed to doing as much laser coaching as possible throughout the event. 

These days, it costs $15,000 a day to work with Alex -- and you get to spend 3 days learning from him at a fraction of the cost. 

And he's available during the evening events for a chat.. 
Q: Are accommodations included in the package?
No, but if you bring a friend at the special “bring a friend” rate of $297, you can split all of the investments in half. If you would like someone to room with, we have a Facebook page for all participants that you can communicate with.
Q: When and where is the event?
Location: To Be Determined

Dates: April 2nd - 4th, 2020

Be sure to reserve your space today because we have a limited amount of space for in 2020 Congruent Coach LIVE, and news of the event is being delivered to over 100,000 people.
Our previous Congruent Coach LIVES have sold out weeks in advance. 
Q: What if I have to cancel my trip?
If unexpected circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to join us live and in person, you may receive a credit for the original amount of your ticket purchase against any of our future live events or one of our wonderful training programs. Another option is that you can transfer your ticket, to allow a friend or colleague to attend in your place.
Q: How many people do you expect to attend?
We are limiting The Congruent Coach LIVE to 100 attendees MAX to ensure the intimacy and to keep the workshop style format so attendees get the maximum value. So you’ll be spending time with a lot of highly motivated, like-minded coaches and experts who are ready to create Congruent Coach results.
Q: Will there be selling at this event?
The event is called Congruent Coach LIVE. This will NOT be a pitch fest...AND It’s our belief it would be out of integrity to NOT make an invitation to those in attendance that we can really serve on a deep level to help them achieve their goals faster. There will be invitations made at this event to move forward into a deeper level of support. If reading this section triggers you, or makes you second guess coming ⇒ GOOD! If you have resistance to getting offers made to you I can GUARANTEE that sales resistance is showing up in your enrollment conversations and is one of the HUGE reasons why you AREN’T getting the results you desire. Click the button to register :-)
If you show up, participate, take notes and 
don't feel like the event IS AWESOME and worth 
your time, then let us know by the end of the first 
day & we'll refund what you paid, plus up to $500 in 
documented travel expenses. I'm confident that the 
strategies you'll learn will be worth at least 10 times what 
you'll invest to attend this seminar.
So any way you look at it – there is zero risk for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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“In 8 years of being online, Alex is the most inspiring mentor that I have ever had. I haven’t hired a business coach in over 4 years, I decided to hire Alex because of his integrity, his heart, spiritual leadership, and because of his unparalleled ninja business skills. He’s the total package...Alex will teach you how to make more money and actually have a better life while doing it!”
Kylie Slavik
Serial Entrepreneur & Storyteller
“I’ve seen Alex build information marketing companies into the millions of dollars. He knows how to look at any deal, any situation, any business, any product, and pull the money out of it, and really maximize the results. He was the first guy I called when we were struggling with our strategy sessions. Whatever Alex is telling you to do, just do it.”
Dutch Mendenhall
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Investor & Mentor
“Alex can teach you how to add an extra 6 to 7 figures in your business JUST by going through his Effortless Enrollment Blueprint Training. Just in the first 3 months of the year, we’ve done over 100k!”
Hawk Mikado
The Funnel Genius - CEO of Invert Inc.
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